Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know it's been a while since I updated everyone, we've had a lot going on and I just haven't had the energy.

This week was Parent Teacher Conferences at school. Aiden had to come with me Wednesday night and all day (until 6pm) Thursday because I didn't have anyone else to watch him AND he was sick. I hired a 4th grade girl to help me with him and they both did very well. Aiden even took a few naps in his pack and play in the library office.

Today we have a lot of cleaning up to do before Shannon arrives so I will have to cut this short.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Morning

Today I am up before Aiden for the first time in several weeks. I can hear him coughing and moaning but he isn't ready to get up yet.

Last night Aiden helped me deal with the laundry (he pushed the baskets of folded clothes up and down the hall). He ate dinner and took a bath before heading off to bed. After he went to bed I ate dinner and did Turbo Jam Learn and Burn. I felt pretty productive!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Pictures

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Overdue Update

I've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks but it's about time I posted new pictures and an update. Aiden has been playing with his sippy cups and random plastic dishes for the last 15 minutes. He seems to be enjoying it.

Over the last few weeks Aiden has pretty much mastered walking. See...

We have settled in to a routine and it really hasn't been too bad having Adam gone. Don't get me wrong, we definitely miss him and I would certainly prefer to have him here BUT we've figured things out and we know this is for the best.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aiden is definitely feeling better. Right now he is walking around with his beloved coasters. (side note to Julie...I was mistaken about them being of Amsterdam...I took a close look at one and spotted the Eiffel Tower so they're obviously from France and a gift from Norma). He is wearing a diaper and his new argyle baby legs; his shirt got pink medicine spilled all over it and we haven't had a chance to grab a new one.

Today we are cleaning up around the house, folding laundry, making cupcakes for school and looking for the remote for the DVD player. I have some pictures to post later.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feeling Better

Aiden woke up with a temp of 99.4 this morning so I think that means he's feeling better. He didn't wake up in a bad mood so that is already an improvement. Right now he is walking around the house with his two favorite toys...a basting brush and a plastic serving spoon. Despite being sick yesterday, he showed me a new developmental milestone. I said, "Aiden where is your baby?" and he walked over to his camo rag doll. He picked it up and walked it back over to me!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home Again

Aiden and I are staying home today. He seemed perfectly healthy yesterday morning when I dropped him off at daycare. He went down for a nap at 10:30am and they had to wake him up at 2:15. He slept in a crib in the playroom despite all the screaming babies. He missed lunch. He just kept sleeping! When they got him up he was hot and had a temp of 102.9. I picked him up at 2:30 and we made a quick run to Dr. Ally's office. She said she's been seeing a lot of this and it typically takes three or four days to get over. If he wakes up Friday morning and STILL has this fever, Dr. Ally would like to do blood work.

Luckily he has been in a pretty good mood despite the fever. Right now he is very tired and trying to take a nap.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mama's little worker

Today Aiden figured out he can (almost) run. I was trying to get him out of the kitchen and he ran a little to get away from me. Of course, he's not yet able to run well so he fell down but he wasn't bothered by the fall. I suppose it's only a matter of time.

In this picture, Aiden is wearing his Beatles shirt and rainbow baby legs (a birthday gift from Aunt Shannon). He also got a cream colored pair of legs. This is pretty much his weekend uniform!

Today we had our first phone call from Adam. He thinks he will get to call every Sunday. He has a cold (apparently they ALL do) but he sounds good. Adam is experiencing a lot of success and I can tell he is proud of himself. He told me a funny story about mail call....yesterday was their first mail call and it sounds like Adam got the bulk of the mail! He was imitating the drill sergeant, "Ross, Ross, Ross, another for Ross, ANOTHER for Ross..." I guess everyone thought it was pretty funny and cool that he got so much mail. He does have to do 10 pushups for every piece of mail but he is happy to do it and can use the practice.